3DGuard is 100% Australian dentist designed, owned and manufactured. We produce market leading mouthguards for many of Australia’s elite sporting professionals and have now launched our products to the public, to fulfil our vision of protecting everyone with the latest in dental mouthguard innovation. We use cutting edge 3d scanning and printing technology to create a precise fit, and make your mouthguard feel like it’s a part of you.
We address the issues with other outdated manufacturing techniques, such as gagging on impressions, inaccuracies of fit, looseness, thick uncomfortable material, and are producing a mouthguard that fulfils protection guidelines yet maximises wearability.
Made from medical grade high impact pure EVA material with shore hardness 75 to Australian Guidelines, our guards are designed to be lightweight and effective. 3DGuards are fully individualised with unlimited colour combinations, stylised graphics and slogans, specialty patterns and unique options such as mirror chrome grillz and wraps.

The importance of mouthguards

When playing or training in any sport where there is a chance of incidental contact to the mouth or teeth, a mouthguard is required to minimise impact. Mouthguards can significantly reduce the risk of serious injuries such as knocked out/broken teeth, fractured jaws and concussion.Over the counter/boil and bite products do not provide adequate fit, comfort or protection, and the only recommendation by the Australian Dental Association is to wear a custom fitted, professionally made mouthguard.
3DGuard have refined custom guards and taken them to a new dimension, using the latest technology and design, we have created a device that delivers protection and performance with the athlete’s comfort in mind.